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Let’s take a look at the super-aging problem in Japan,take action together!

  • Parkinson’s disease?

    Parkinson’s disease is an intractable disease that causes movement disorders due to abnormality in brain as people age. With over 200,000 only in Japan, 6 million patients on earth, this disease is increasing with the aging population of the world. Although the development of therapeutic agents is proceeding, still there is no heroic drug that can slow the progression of the disease. There are social issues surrounding Parkinson’s disease that cannot be solved by medical treatment.

  • “Indifference and lack of understanding” that leads to serious social isolation

    Parkinson’s disease is a neurological disease with mental and physical difficulties. Patients tend to avoid going out and participating in society, and caregivers have difficulty receiving support. Therefore, non-participants do not have the opportunity to learn properly about the disease, and they tend to be indifferent, unappreciation, and prejudiced. As a result, the patients and caregivers are socially isolated and feel strong sense of hopelessness, leading to a decline in quality of life.

  • The reality of the concerned organization

    Disease notification of all of sudden. The anxiety and loneliness that one has been carrying since the day of the announcement. Only concerned organizations can strongly encourage and give a ray of hope to friends who share the same disease and concerns. However, the reality is that many of those concerned organizations are losing their faculties due to various factors such as the rapid aging of population, the decline of ties with the local community, and the progression of the disease

  • We need your support

    “Parkinson’s disease” has nothing to do with me. Some of you may think so. We named our non-profit organization “Tenbin” which means scales. We hope to realize a society where the right scale (caregiver) and the left scale (care receiver) are equal, where there is no distinction or prejudice against diseases and disabilities, and where people can say, “The day of my disease nortification is my another birthday”. This ideal society can’t be realized only by people concerned. We need the power of all of you, who have no concern with this disease.

What we can do for PD community

We do Innovative activities with art and technology for awareness of PD

Our members consist of animators, media artists and researchers. As a result, we can continuously create innovative events such as puppet shows, films, and artwork that visualize breathing with sounds and lights.

puppet show for helping children to understand parkinson’s disease.

We collaborate with global Parkinson’s communities together to advance a better understanding of PD.

-World parkinson congress-

we are japan-based nonprofit organization to support PD patients groups.

“there is hope that can only be given by the PD patients organizations concerned, because they are the ones who can give it. This is our belief.
Our mission is to provide knowledge to PD patients groups to stimulate their activities, to create places and opportunities for the participation of the patients and caregivers, and to build cooperative relationships with global PD community.

–PD school-
In collaboration with the U60 challenged group, a study group was held to share and learn from each other about diet, and medical problems and practices.

We value mutual cooperation with researchers, healthcare professionals and local community organizations.

Social issues will not change anything by simply appealing to the public. What is needed to create a society that eliminates social isolation of PD? We aim to transform our philosophy into action and engage not only government and medical professionals, but also local residents, researchers, and many others in our activities.

– Junior high school student advisory council for PD
What are the social issues surrounding Parkinson’s disease? What is needed to solve them? Junior high school students make proposals to various local people in the PD community, including people with PD,their caregivers and health professional.

All activities are made possible by your support.

About half of the funds for Tenbin activities come from individual donations. The support from as many people as possible enables us to promote our activities with much great strength.

Please support our challenge

We will screen the film at the World Parkinson’s Congress in Barcelona Spain, July 4-7. We believe that the film will bring hope and support to people with Parkinson’s disease and their caregivers around the world who are fighting against the disease.

Documentary film
“Everything Changes”

The main character is a couple. Silvio Moreno, a husband, is a folklore guitarist who defected from Argentina. His wife Linda (Japanese name is Yuko) is a performer and singer plays with Silvio. This documentary movie features the power of music which can connects them strongly and make them fight against Parkinson’s disease, which Silvio suffered in a foreign land, Okinawa, Japan.

Film release schedule

Our goal is realize the theatrical release of three films in 2025 across Japan: the documentary film “Everything Changes”, the puppet short animation film “&ever blue”, and a making-of film. All proceeds from the release of the film will be used to establish and operate Plateau House, a support facility for people with Parkinson’s disease and their caregivers.


We will be screening a documentary film at the World Parkinson’s Congress. We will announce the production of the film in front of Parkinson’s sufferers and caregivers from all over the world, as well as people from foundations and companies related to Parkinson’s disease.


We will hold screenings (real/online) of this documentary in cooperation with concerned organizations across Japan. In the meantime, we launch the website for the documentary with its trailer to invite supporters of organizations/individuals who have an interest in the screening.


Following this documentary, the next step of our project is to make a short animation film modeled after Sylvio and Linda. To raise funds for this more widely, we’ll start a crowdfunding campaign. This documentary is utilized to let people know the importance of this campaign. Furthermore, we believe doing this campaign become good promotion for our project.


we combine those films, the documentary, the animation, and the making-of into a single work and aim to release it theatrically in 2025.


The proceeds will go to the establishment and operation of Plateau House, a support facility for people with Parkinson’s disease and their caregivers.

nessesary of film

It is not only for patients and caregivers, but for those who are not involved in the disease, it’s important to understand the realities and the problems they have, and to support them physically and emotionally, to create a ideal society together.

Effectiveness of the film’s implementation

Films can move many people beyond the borders of race, age, and country.
The film will represent the realities and challenges that surround people with PD and caregivers.
And through the family love that is nurtured through music, we hope that PD and caregivers will be able to reconnect with the bonds of their couples, which are almost separated by the disease.
For those who are not involved in the disease, we believe that it will generate interest in PD and create the effect of increasing the number of supporters surrounding patients and caregivers.
We also hope that the film will provide an opportunity for foreign patients who have difficulty reaching support in Japan to connect with local support groups.

-After the World Congress,
screenings will be held throughout Japan.

We will collaborate with national organizations or people involved in the process to screen documentary films throughout Japan.
Through the films, we will create connections among people with Parkinson’s disease, caregivers, and the local community.
Having family and friends to turn to in times of need can greatly improve the quality of life for both Parkinson’s disease patients and their caregivers.
Would you like to host a screening in your city? Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in hosting a screening.



Aki Kono

In meeting with people of PD,I learned that in order for them to be well, caregivers must be well. However, I noticed the reality that the physical and mental problems of caregivers are left behind. As couples face various difficulties that come with the disease, patients and the caregiver gradually begin to diverge, and we hear that some people choose to “separate” from each other. I hope this event will provide an opportunity for people to think again about what it means to be a couple, a partner, or a family member. The puppet animation “& ever BLUE” depicts Linda’s ever-changing mind as she cares for Silvio. “you are not alone! ” It is a story that can give encouragement to caregivers.

chief producer

Yukie Koga

I met Tenbin(film production/nonprofit organization for supporting PD patients and caregivers)and realized my own lack of understanding of Parkinson’s disease. Deeply sympathizing with the importance of this issue and the philosophy behind the activities, I decided to participate in this project as a producer. I want as many people as possible to know and be interested in the current social situation surrounding Parkinson’s disease. I believe that a film is the best way to express this. We hope that this film will be the key for fostering a better society where everyone can live in harmony. Thank you for your support.

We hope this film becomes a catalyst for creating a better society where everyone can live in harmony.
We are pleased to have supporters to help our activities.
Please contact us if you are interested. We look forward to hearing from you.

Come and join us!

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100 thousand yen

Cooperating with Parkinson’s Disease patient groups, we will hold a documentary film event at one location in Kobe.

300 thousand yen

In cooperation with PD patient groups, we will be hosting a hybrid documentary film event in one location, regardless of region. There are many people with Parkinson’s disease who would like to attend events but are physically unable to do so. For these people, the hybrid distribution is a very meaningful way to experience the excitement of the event and participate in it.

500 thousand yen

One member can go to a film screening at WPC 2026.

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